BalancePointsBalance forChannelRelated Balances
nourishment seeds of life vitality source of Yin creation energy nurture supportive peace
core core yin energy deep inner connection fertility creating life potential
balance harmony centred vitality growth flow
dantian deep aspect of self fires of life origin authentic self life force energy
contemplation stability strength of centre grow change flexibility harmony sense of self
dantian original qi deep sense of self fires of life nourishment self nourishment revival qi
strength reserves sense of direction support nourishment
connection to mother spirit receiving nourishment nurture nourishment from spirit helps open allow spirit
flow overcome obstacles change direction go with the flow
letting go let go create space renewal growth
harmony unity centring internal unity common direction harmonise 3 jiao
middle way finding the way build vitality nourishment balance harmony feed inner vision vitality harmony
empty the mind freshness spirit inspiration stillness true path heart wisdom action
gateway to heart great emperor spirit unity command power expression receptive heart wisdom
love protection peace spirit freedom express self create life
balance harmony relax comforted stillness stay of track on target spiritual journey
balance harmony middle way nourishment purity of heart yin and yang rest and movement peace foundation heart vibrancy harmony joy
essence protected place wisdom ancestral wisdom
ancestral wisdom self respect spirit wisdom
inner beauty inspiration loved accepted valued connected
beauty within inner beauty inner virtue heart integrity humility express core authenticity attraction
inner knowledge guidance
nourishment receive receptive nurture supporting invigorate
glimpse of heavenglimpse of future lifevisionchangefuture claritygreat potentialinspire change