Primal Axis (heaven and earth)

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heaven and earth restore balance yin and yang inner resources creative energy aligned to purpose
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Primal Axis

Earth (Ren-1Ren-1 ) + Heaven (Du-20Du-20 )

These points lie on the midline on the very lowest and highest point on the body. They represent the central axis of heaven and earth in the human being.

They help to restore balance between primordial yin (earth) and yang (heaven). Where there is a major separation of yin and yang, our inner world (yin) will not be representative of how we are living our life (yang). By restoring balance between inner and outer worlds it allows us to tap our inner resources to create the life we want. It helps us to access our reserve of creative energy and feel as if all aspects of our being are aligned to our true purpose, and our body is whole and integrated.

Visualise: as you touch Cv1 that your body becomes like a tree growing roots into the ground. Through these roots come nourishment, in the form of minerals and water, stability, connectedness and grounding. As I touch Gv20 feel the energy of the heavens warming and feeding you energy like the sun warms and feeds energy to a tree. When we hold both these points we access both supporting energies at one time providing an opportunity for balance between heaven and earth. This helps all aspects of yourself to work in harmony and align like the north and south poles of a magnet to our true purpose.