Deficient Digestion Balance BC21

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insufficient digestive firepartially digested foodlow energy

Deficient Digestion Balance

The primary problem is insufficient digestive fire, leading to partially digested food and low energy. Aim is to tonify the Spleen yang and improve the diet.


  • Digestive fire: Sp3, Cv6, St36, Ki3
  • Damp symptoms (bloating, heaviness, fluid build-up): Sp9, Lu5
  • Counselling focussed on the cause of over-thinking or intense mental activity
  • Check for Earth pattern and activate if appropriate
  • Check Solar Plexus chakra and activate if appropriate
  • If specific nutrient known or suspected, consider Biochemical procedure


  • CH from Activation or IP/DI

Home Reinforcement:

  • Supplementation for Krebs cycle: B3, Mg, Potassium, B1, B2, B5, Mn, Fe
  • Supplementation for HCL and enzymes: Zn, Cu, Mg, Mn, Fe, Ca, Co, Se, Mo, Vit B & C
  • Raw Foods Diet ie. vegies, fruits, nuts, raw fish
  • Food Combining Diet
  • Minimise low nutrient density foods: white flour, sugar, pasta, white rice, potatoes without jackets, manufactured


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