General Biochemical Procedure (BC Finger)

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General Biochemical Procedure (BC Finger)

This general approach to Biochemical balancing can be used and adapted for:

Nutritional Deficiency BC21; Toxicity BC25; Allergy/Sensitivity BC6; Heavy Metals E/M1; Cell Salts E/M23; Dormant Nutrition BC20


  1. Identify substance involved (chemical / nutrient / toxin ):
    1. Nutrients (BC finger down ̄) - Fats (ST finger down ̄) - Proteins (PS finger down)

    2. Carbohydrates (EM finger down ̄)
    3. Vitamins: Nutrition (BC finger) +
      (centre of top of ankle crease)
    4. Minerals: Nutrition +
      (centre of wrist crease back of hand)
    5. Amino acids: Nutrition +
      (tip of nose)
    6. Herbs: Nutrition +
      (pubic bone)
    7. Heavy Metals: E/M1
    8. Cell Salts: E/M23
    9. Other eg. enzyme, food additive, medication
  2. CH substance or vial on
    – P/I/C – P/L
    • If P/I/C - look up substance, its functions & symptoms of excess/deficiency - discuss & P/L any relevant symptoms
  3. CH substance or vial through relevant A/Ps (+ Organ mode), Gland points
  4. Enter relevant muscles
  5. Find Context - BP, Eye modes, Emotion, Essence, Amygdala, Past resolution etc & discuss

Specific Activations for Toxicity/Excess (NOT in pregnancy):

  • CH Hydration
  • CH and rub NLs
  • Activate LV, Ki & LI and investigate further if showing stress

Specific Activations for Heavy Metal Toxicity (NOT in pregnancy):

  • CH heavy metal at joints (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders) to indicate level of toxicity

Specific Activations for Allergy/Sensitivity:

  • CH substance/vial against sinuses (frontal & paranasal), tonsils, adenoids
  • CH Heart chakra, thymus, Sp (for immunity), Lu (for defensive qi)
  • CH histamine vial on
    and/or through A/Ps
  • Sensitivity/intolerance - consider Digestion Procedure to investigate causes

Correction (with substance/vial on CV8)

  1. IP/DI for correction (consider Template Balance, Auras, Figure 8’s, Chakras)
    • Refer client for Hair or Blood Analysis to better assess levels of deficiency or excess
    • Discuss Home Reinforcement strategy as outlined

Home Reinforcement


  • Increase foods high in deficient nutrient (see Nutrient Content of Foods charts)
  • Refer for supplementation of nutrient
  • Raw Foods Diet
  • Food Combining Diet

Toxicity/Excess (including Heavy Metals)

  • If possible, identify the source of the toxin or excess and remove it
  • Drink plenty of water (clean and filtered is highly preferable)
  • Raw Foods Diet
  • Liver Cleansing Diet
  • Organic fruit and vegetable juices and high antioxidant foods such as berries, herbs and spices.
  • Take gentle exercise regularly (at least 2-3 times per week)
  • Refer to a suitably qualified professional about supplementation,
    • Metabolic antagonists or synergists
    • St Mary’s Thistle for fat-soluble toxins
    • Green Tea for water-soluble toxins
    • Antioxidants: Vitamins A, C, E, Co-enzyme Q10

Heavy Metal Toxicity

  • Refer for chelation therapy
  • Foot patches
  • Use large amounts of fresh coriander in juicing or diet


  • If allergy suspected, refer for testing and avoid possible food sources
  • Remove reactive foods from diet and slowly reintroduce after 3-4 weeks (NOT in anaphylaxis cases)
  • For chemical sensitivity, remove from diet and consider Raw Food or Liver Cleanse Diet
  • For food intolerances, consider Blood-Type Diet (see Distance Nutrition Notes)


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