Hara Line Balance

ST22 / Ren-18
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Hara Line Balance ST22 + tap CV18 (thymus)

The Hara line is held at the Earth Star by the energy of the four life elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air, and by the Soul Star above the crown.


  • CH mode - ST22 + tap Ren-18Ren-18 - P/I/C - P/L
  • Have client visualise the Earth Star (can be conceptualised as a sphere below the ground).
  • Challenge four elements (verbally) and discuss any elements that
  • Have client visualise all four elements wrapping themselves around the Earth Star. This can be conceptualised as a sphere being held into the crystalline structure of the earth by the claws of a dragon - each claw representing the energy of each life vibration (earth, water, fire, air).
  • Continue to visualise all four elements wrapping the Earth Star and say ‘YOD HEH VAU HEH(heh is pronounced ‘hey’). This is a command used for the elements to hold the Earth Star in place.
  • Have client imagine that there is a string attached to the Earth Star - it can be perceived as the string of an instrument. Then visualise stretching this string, moving upwards until it connects with the central part of the body at Continue to visualise the stretching (tuning) of the string through the central axis until it comes out at Du-20Du-20 , then continue to visualise stretching and tuning this string until reaching the Soul Star (above the crown chakra).
  • At the Soul Star, make the command “Hold” (softer) as client imagines the string grasping and attaching firmly to the Soul
  • Rechallenge mode, and repeat if still unlocking


Crystals: to assist with the visualisation crystals can be placed within the chakras.

Earth Star: Best to use spheres or eggs. Try black obsidian, black tourmaline, black kyanite or red stones like jaspers or agates.

Thymus: As we access the Hara line through the thymus you can place a clear quartz double terminator here. Make sure it points up and down not across the thymus.

Seven major chakras: Place double or single terminators at intersection points. Always align with the direction of the Hara line. If using single terminators then place them so they point towards Soul Star.

Soul Star: Fluorite octahedrons (purple are best). Selenite is another very good stone here.

Sound: The Hara line is set to vibrate at the same frequency in everyone when it is in tune. People that can hear this often describe it as high C. In the Elfen harmonics the white chime relating to Soul Star and Higher Self is high C, this could be used as we move upwards from the crown.


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