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Special Point
Key PointAlarm PointFront-Mu Point

Front-Mu point of the Bladder Meeting point with the Spleen, Liver and Kidney channels

Bladder regulates qi transformation damp-heat dampness vaginal discharge uterus menstruation stagnation the lower jiao (lower third of body) the Kidneys invigorates yang
Key point for urination oedema menstruation abdomen hormones associated with reproduction via the pituitary gland and ovaries
Channel Psychology

Cv: Success failure overwhelmed, Bl: Others are in control of my life, Ki: I am afraid of success and/or failure, Lv: I am angry with my lack of success - I find it hard to change my plans - I always compromise Sp: I worry about succeeding/failing


Severe pain of the lower abdomen with retention of urine in pregnancy, frequent urination, dark urination, urethral pain, the five types of painful urinary dysfunction, oedema, genital itching with heat sensation, pain of the genitals, red and white vaginal discharge, seminal emission, seminal emission with dreams, pain and swelling of the cervix, infertility, irregular menstruation, absence of menstruation, excessive menstruation, uterine prolapse, abdominal masses, retention of the placenta, retention of lochia, persistent flow of lochia, masses below the umbilicus, severe twisting pain below the umbilicus, hernia & acute abdominal pain, cold or heat sensation of the lower abdomen, sudden severe pain of the lower abdomen and back, rushing sensation to the heart causing inability to breathe, lumbar pain, loss of consciousness, hunger with inability to eat.


The point information was compiled from multiple sources including College of Complementary Medicine, Sydney Australia. Point location diagram recreated from A Manual of Acupuncture, P Deadman.