Sacral Chakra Balance

Sacral Chakra Balance

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Balance Type
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Balance for
Relationships Sexuality Balance of the yin and the yang Creativity
Which 5 Element Emotion


Removal of blocks, Creativity, Playfulness in life, Sensuality, Can bring independence from co-dependency, Heal shock, Warm us to change

Associated Acupoints

  • Front Ren-4Ren-4 (2 cun above pubic bone), Ren-6Ren-6 (1.5 cun below navel)
  • Back Du-3Du-3 (below spinous process of L4)
  • Alarm Points Large intestine (St-25St-25 ), Small Intestine (Ren-4Ren-4 ), Bladder (Ren-3Ren-3 )
  • Psychological
    • Ren-4Ren-4 - Creative force- gate of origin.
    • Helps with fanning creative fire
  • Liv-13Liv-13 - for creativity, unblocks creative blocks
  • Other Gb-30Gb-30 - helps with sciatic nerve.

Sound Associations

  • AP Tuning Forks
    • Kidney and Bladder combination
  • Elfen Harmonics
    • Orange. Note is D
  • Chromatic Tuning Forks
    • Main note D
    • To tonify chakra play D Major (D, F#, A)
    • To sedate chakra play D Minor (D, F, A)
  • Instrument
    • Cello, bass guitar and saxophone


Acupuncture Points