Identify a substance (General Biochemical Procedure)

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General Biochemical Procedure to identify a substance

This general procedure can be used to identify which substance the body is responding stressfully to. It is important to understand that through muscle monitoring we don’t look for clinical body efficiencies or excesses. Almost no Nutrient act’s independently in the body.

Often nutrients that are in access may actually by deficient when other nutrients that play antagonistic roles are considered. However the purpose of this procedure is to identify substances that the client is responding to stressfully.

Identification of substance:

  • Nutrient: BC Finger down
  • Specific Nutrient: Vitamin St-41St-41
  • Specific Nutrient: Mineral SJ-4SJ-4
  • Specific Nutrient: Amino Acids Du-25Du-25
  • Other: e.g. enzymes, food additives, medication (no modes)
  • Herbs: Ren-2Ren-2
  • Heavy Metals: E/M 1
  • Cell Salts: E/M23
  • Fats: ST Finger down
  • Protein: PS Finger Down
  • Carbohydrates: E/M Finger down

Basic Identification

For Minerals, vitamins, heavy metals or any other substance that you have Vials for challenges vials on Ren-8Ren-8. Or challenge Riddles chart points or place the actual substance on Ren-8Ren-8. If appropriate and safe can also place substance on tongue.

More advance Identification

(when you have only several substances to test)

Sometimes identifying substances by placing them on just Ren-8Ren-8 will not identify all stresses. So consider challenging substances against the following. Any IC means there is some stress and it could be balanced and investigated further

  • Organ mode + all AP’s
  • Gland Mode + all Ap’s and Glands
  • Extra 8 master points (especially Sp-4Sp-4 )
  • Du-20Du-20 + Du-24Du-24
  • Chakras
  • Substance in the mouth (if safe)
  • Suppression mode
  • Make sure IM did not OF.


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