Ba Gua Calculator

Ba Gua Calculator

Ba Gua Calculator by Cam. Also known as 9 star Ki or Nine Star Ki from Feng Shui.

Overview of the Ba Gua

We are in harmony all things. In disharmony we tend to get stuck on a specific emotional motivator. The date of birth model presented in this manual is strangely accurate in uncovering the driving motivational constitution. It tends to be the constitution associated with the middle number of the three numbers.

The other two numbers describe the behaviours the person tends to adopt in order to get the motivator. Behaviours tend to map to symptoms so the first and third numbers often map well to the physical symptoms and signs in the client history.

Each constitution relates to a different aspect of the one key issue all people face: whether they can connect inwardly and express this outwardly. Each constitution is a different aspect of this one issue.

Understanding the meaning of the Ba Gua Numbers
For CCM students and graduates.

Ba Gua notes compiled from David Corby's work on Vibrational Healing Systems from College of Complementary Medicine.

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Ba Gua

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