Solar Plexus Balance

Solar Plexus Balance

Mode Category
Balance Type
Balance information
Balance for
Seat of personal power Confidence How we see ourselves

Associated Acupoints

  • Front Ren-12Ren-12 (halfway between navel and inferior end of sternum)
  • Back Du-5Du-5 (below spinous process of L1)
  • Alarm Points Stomach (Ren-12Ren-12), Liver (Liv-14Liv-14), Gall Bladder (Gb-24Gb-24 ), Spleen (Liv-13Liv-13 )
  • Psychological Liv-1Liv-1 - Great Esteem; to help with self esteem
  • Liv-6Liv-6 (Xi-cleft point) or Liv-3Liv-3 (Yuan point) if there is arrogance and frustration as found with over-energised solar plexus

Sound Associations

  • AP Tuning Forks
    • Lung and Large Intestine combination
  • Elfen Harmonics
    • Yellow.
    • Note is E
  • Chromatic Tuning Forks
    • Main note E.
    • To tonify chakra play E Major (E, G#, B)
    • To sedate chakra play E Minor (E, G, B)
  • Instrument
    • All types of guitar


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