The Birth and Death (Golden Gate) Procedure

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The Birth and Death (Golden Gate) Procedure Sp

We must continually return to our roots (Jing/ original nature) so that we can live our destiny according to the will of heaven as stored in our Jing.

As we grow into individuals this return to original nature becomes more and more difficult as we develop knowledge of ourselves as separate beings. This ego self develops as a result of our perceptions of life and the beliefs we form in response to life events. It is work of fiction as all things are part of the Dao and connected in spirit. The more we think of ourselves as individuals the more we must disconnect from spirit, which by nature is connected. As this individuality/ego evolves we can reach a point where spirit has no place in our conscious perception of life.

This state represents a fundamental separation of yin and yang ie. Between the Jing and the Shen. What we are doing in the external world will not be reflecting what is in our internal world – at our core.

Friction develops within us when we ignore this core self as heaven (ie. consciousness) is not aligned to earth (our core) and eventually this leads to illness. In other words we are not living our truth because we are ignoring the messages from our heart of hearts/ spirit within. If we continue to ignore the internal signals from our spirit within, our illness will progress to a point where we die. In death we return to the external spirit (Dao).

Thus, one way or another we return to spirit, but the path to long life is for us to return to original nature, align with our inner spirit and follow our intended destiny.

This procedure relates to this return - the recovery of the lost self, the Jing ie. Internal/core/spirit self.

In mythology it relates to the journey through the golden gate or mysterious path that is the gate leading to the womb (rebirth) or tomb (death) of the Dao. Seasonally it relates to the movement from autumn to winter. In terms of the 5 elements it relates to moving through the Shen cycle from metal to water.

This procedure relates to shedding this fictional self, the shedding of our mask, and re-establishing connection with spirit, our connection to all things, and living our truth.


The process of separation can be a gradual one that stems from old trauma and subsequently gets worse as our perceptions of the world feed our false beliefs.

It is also common for this procedure to show for people that feel trapped in a harmful situation that is beyond their control. They feel trapped because the status quo is important to maintain for their self esteem and any change will threaten their ego.

They may feel like they need to kill this false self/ ego in order to change. That type of change is seen has too painful to do and as a result they can become self destructive, even suicidal. Eventually this pattern leads to extreme fatigue and anxiety and finally illness and death.

  1. Stage 1—the internal organs collapse as the Jing, qi and Shen are depleted, but acquired qi (digestive and air qi) allows us to keep going
  2. Stage 2—digestion collapses leading to illness and ultimately, death.


  1. Talk to client about degree of depletion – assessing whether they are more likely to be Stage 1 or Stage 2. Discuss the need to re-establish contact with their core, living their truth instead of wearing a mask.
  2. Monitor Metal (Lung LuLung Lu Large Intestine LILarge Intestine LI ) and Water (Kidney KiKidney Ki Bladder BlBladder Bl ) muscles and H/L
  3. Check for adrenal exhaustion, H/L related glands (adrenals and thyroid) & muscles (sartorius, gastronemius, teres minor etc.)

For Stage 1 imbalance:

  • KI-7KI-7 is the most important point. Hold it first and use the following visualisation:
Imagine journeying into a beautiful mountain range. As you climb you come to a mysterious mountain pass. Walk into this pass until you come to a giant golden gate. This is a gate to the mother spirit, the place from which all things come and all things return. You may enter it only if you shed your mask, your created self and walk through naked, just as your original self. When you are ready step through the gate feeling at peace with yourself and the world. Beyond the gate you re-enter the world, reborn a potent and effective force, able to tap into your hidden reserves and fully manifest your potential.
  • After holding @ki-7 if you have time, check and clear Bl-67Bl-67 KI-3KI-3 and Liv-4Liv-4 (points that support the movement of qi through the 5 element cycle).

For Stage 2 imbalance: check clear Du-20Du-20 + Ren-1Ren-1 (hold simultaneously)

  • These points represent the central axis in the body – the heaven/ yang qi (Du-20Du-20 ) and earth/ yin qi (Ren-1Ren-1) and holding them together can restore the primordial balance of yin and yang, using the primal axis visualisation.

For both Stage 1 and 2:

  • Check/clear KI-1KI-1 (collapse of yang) together with Bl-1 Bl-1 (vision of heaven).