Ren20 Hua Gai - Hidden opening of our inner flower

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Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMRen Mai Points
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Balance for
inner beauty inspiration loved accepted valued connected

Ren20 Hua Gai - Hidden opening of our inner flower

Location: Midline, level with 1st intercostal.

Hua Gai is symbolic of a hidden beautiful inner garden of flowers. It enables us to connect with our inner beauty. It may be symbolic of the gift that we come away with having entered the palace of royal purple (Ren19). Flowers are beautiful and inspiring.

Imagine: being handed the most beautiful flower in the universe. You stare at it taking in its radiance, smell, colour, texture. It is unimaginably beautiful. Connect with its beauty. Soak it in. Be inspired. Be thankful that such a beautiful thing has been created. This flower is a symbol for your inner beauty. We are all creations of spirit.

Within each of us is a beautiful core, a garden full of precious flowers. Journey into this garden. When we are connected with this inner garden we feel truly free to be loved, accepted, valued and connected to all of life and all that life has to offer.