Crown Chakra Balance

Crown Chakra Balance

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spirit obsession despair depression confusion regulation of hormones energy levels disturbed sleep patterns


A balanced crown chakra will enable energy (prana) to enter into the individual and distribute throughout the body.

Spirituality, connection with clairvoyance, prophecy, philosophy and any other spiritual paths help the individual to feel at peace and in a state of bliss. Due to its effect on the master glands of the body, a balanced crown chakra will lead to balance within the hormonal system overall. Ability to sleep and regenerate during sleep is also affected by the crown. Overall the individual will feel they have a greater understanding of who they are and how they fit into the larger picture. They may feel inspired to follow their spiritual path and this will lead to joy, excitement and fulfillment in their lives.

Associated Acupoints




Sound Associations

  • AP Tuning Forks
    • Central Vessel and Governing Vessel combination
  • Elfen Harmonics
    • Violet. Note is B
  • Chromatic Tuning Forks
    • Main note B
    • To tonify chakra play B major (B, D#, F#)
    • To sedate chakra play B minor (B, D, F#)
  • Instrument
    • Orchestral instruments, Harp


Acupuncture Points