Hui Meeting Points

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balancing parts of bodybody systems Yin organs yang organs qi lung qi heart qi sinews tightness muscle pain joint pain blood vessels blood flow neck pain back pain spine pain lumber pain weakness contraction in limbs pain in limbs
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Acupuncture Points

Hui Meeting Points

These are key points for balancing particular aspects of the body.

  • Lv13 – Zang — for Yin organs
  • CV12 – Fu — for Yang organs, transport of the essence of food
  • Cv17 – Qi — for qi - particularly Lung and Heart
  • Bl17 – Blood — for blood quality and flow
  • GB34- Sinews — for stiffness, tightness, pain in muscles and joints
  • Lu9 – Vessels — for blood vessels and blood flow
  • Bl11-Bone — for neck, back, spine, lumber pain
  • GB39- Marrow — for weakness, contraction and pain in limbs