Destiny (Gv4)+Heaven (Bl1)+Dantian (Cv4+Cv6)

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destiny live our truth connection to spirit spirit transformation letting go held back original nature


Acupuncture Points

Destiny, Heaven and Dantian

Destiny (Du-4Du-4 )+Heaven (Bl-1 Bl-1 )+Dantian (Ren-4Ren-4 + Ren-6Ren-6 )

We have a unique destiny that we are meant to live. It involves living our truth, in accordance with our inner core (Jing). Gv4 is the prime point related to uncovering this destiny. However it is not enough to just know our potential we must also be able to live it.

There are two factors that can help us to live this destiny in a balanced way. The first is to act through our centre – the Dantian, The Dantian is said to contain the fires of transformation (ming men) that enable us to fulfil our potential.

The second factor that provides balance is our view of spirit outside our self, ie. our connection to heaven. Bl1 provides this view of heaven allowing us to meld our view of our spiritual purpose/destiny (from inside) with our connection to spirit outside. This way we act not just as a lone spiritual being but in a unified way that takes account of our connection with all spirit.

Thus, these points together help us to see and take in messages from heaven as well as look inside ourselves and connect with our essential nature and our inner destiny. Combining them with the Dantian points helps to stoke the fires of the Dantian to burn off the refuse of acquired conditioning and return to original nature. When we live in accordance with our original nature we naturally align with our spirit and destiny.

Imagine standing in a wide open space. Behind you lies your past. Ahead lays the infinite range of paths you can take in your future. Bring your awareness inside yourself to the deepest aspect of you – the very centre of your being. At this centre lies a furnace that burns throughout your life. Stand before this furnace and throw into the flames all the things that have held you back from living your destiny - all the things that have prevented you from living your truth and expressing what is in the core of your being. When that process is complete, survey the landscape around you and find the direction to head that most feels right. When you get that sense of rightness, start walking your path.