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Special Point
Key PointAlarm PointFront-Mu Point

Front-Mu point of the Stomach Hui-Meeting point of the Fu Meeting point with the Small Intestine, SJ and Stomach channels

improves digestion calms the mind middle jiao (third of body) vomiting stomach spleen qi and pain
key point for digestion yang organs digestive qi eating disorders nausea reflux hiccup consciousness
Channel Psychology

SI: I do not know when to trust others to speak the truth - I do not know the right thing to say, Sp: I worry about succeeding/failing, SJ: External factors thwart my success, SJ: Other people would suffer if I was a success, St: I do not know how to be successful - I am frustrated with my lack of success

Point Psychology
Worry anxiety over thinking butterflies in stomach mania depression any of the seven emotions that result in indigestion

All diseases of the stomach and spleen, interior injury to the stomach and spleen, epigastric pain and fullness, difficult ingestion, eats little but is easily full, nausea, stomach reflux, vomiting, vomiting blood, abdominal distension, severe pain of the abdomen, sudden abdominal fullness, severe constipation and fullness, pain of the spleen, hardness and pain of the lateral costal region, injury by worry, anxiety and over thinking, injury by the seven emotions leading to epigastric pain, diarrhoea, undigested food in the stool, red and white inflamed colon, difficulty defecating, heat in the small intestine, dark urine, sudden turmoil disorder, sallow complexion, post-partum dizziness, heart pain, chronic and acute childhood fright, loss of consciousness, mania-depression, epilepsy, tongue thrusting, cold body, scorched foul odour in the nose, rushing sensation up the spine, short breath, resolves excessive phlegm and helps respiration, headaches, insomnia, schizophrenia


The point information was compiled from multiple sources including College of Complementary Medicine, Sydney Australia. Point location diagram recreated from A Manual of Acupuncture, P Deadman.