Throat Chakra Balance

Throat Chakra Balance

Mode Category
Balance Type
Balance information
Balance for
Effective communicationExpressionability to listenloss of voice
Which 5 Element Emotion


Effective communication, Going beyond what is known, Active search for information, A sense of distance, Peace, Solitude and rest

Associated Acupoints

  • Front Ren-22Ren-22 (on midline in superior sternal notch)
  • Ren-23Ren-23 (on midline immediately superior to hyoid bone)
  • Back Du-15Du-15 (in depression directly below C1)
  • Alarm Points None
  • Psychological Du-15Du-15 - for communication, primary speech point
  • LI-18LI-18 - for loss of voice
  • Ht-5Ht-5 - communication
  • SI-19SI-19 - communication, particularly ability to listen
  • Other Ren-22Ren-22 - thyroid point

Sound Associations

  • AP Tuning Forks
    • Spleen and Stomach combination
  • Elfen Harmonics
    • Blue Note is G
  • Chromatic Tuning Forks
    • Main note G.
    • To tonify chakra play G major (G, B, D)
    • To sedate chakra play G minor (G, Bb, D)
  • Instrument
    • Singing, flute, and trumpet


Acupuncture Points