Ren8 Shen Que – Inner gateway tower of spirit

Mode Category
Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMRen Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
connection to mother spirit receiving nourishment nurture nourishment from spirit helps open allow spirit

Ren8 Shen Que – Inner gateway tower of spirit

Location: midline, centre of umbilicus.

The shen enters the foetus at birth through the Shen Que. If our body is our palace this is the gateway to the palace. This is our connection point to mother spirit.

The name of this point relates to a gateway in the wall surrounding a city. This point is special because it connected you to your mother from conception to birth. It relates to receiving nourishment and nurture, but particularly nourishment and nurture that comes from being in contact with spirit. This point helps us open and allow spirit into our lives.

Visualise: Walking along a path you come to a hole in the ground. This hole seems to welcome you home and you relax and fall into the hole, falling gently like a leaf. At the bottom of the hole you fall into a still pool of water, the water is calm, peaceful, nurturing, gentle. Allow yourself to submerge and be surrounded by this nurturing fluid. You are able to easily breath in this fluid so allow your lungs to fill with this fluid. You begin to be aware of a rhythmic beating drum and realise this is the sound of the heart of the mother of all creation and that you are supports you. Recognise this calm and supportive energy is available in abundance when you open and allow spirit into your life.