Sea of Qi (Four Seas Points)

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Vibrational Healing Systems
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urgent breathingred complexionlow energydifficult speaking

Four Seas

The four seas relate to four aspects of the body: Qi, Blood, Water and Grain, and Marrow. Water and grain refers to the products of digestion. Marrow in TCM is the marrow in bones and also the material (neurons etc) that make up the spinal cord and brain. The traditional associations with these aspects of the body are listed below.

Sea of Qi St9, Cv17, Gv15, Gv14

If excess: urgent breathing, red complexion

If deficient: low energy, difficult speaking

Sea of Blood Bl11, St37, St39 (Chong Mai)

If excess: body feels big, do not feel right but no obvious sickness

If deficient: body feels small, feel reduced but not obvious sickness

Sea of Water and Grain St30, St36

If excess: abdominal fullness

If deficient: inability to eat

Good points for improving digestion and access to digestive qi.

Sea of Marrow Gv20, Gv16

If excess: lightness of body and much strength

If deficient: Dizziness, tinnitus, leg pain, impaired vision, desire for sleep

Also very good points for brain function.