GI Tract Balance BC28

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Candida overgrowthdeficient digestiondamp heat

GI Tract Balance BC28

Primary problem is Candida overgrowth or poor state of gut flora, potentially exacerbated by sweet or acidic diet. This category often happens together with deficient digestion.


  • P/L all Candida-related symptoms
  • CH Candida vials on St, SI, LI A/Ps and Du-20Du-20 (brain) with organ mode
  • LARGE INTESTINE: St-25St-25 — Bilateral, 2 cun lateral to the navel

    STOMACH: Ren-12Ren-12 — On the midline, halfway between the end of the sternum and the navel

    SMALL INTESTINE: Ren-4Ren-4 — On the midline, 3 cun below the navel and 2 cun above the pubic symphysis

  • CH Candida vials for stress on other A/Ps and gland points
  • Damp heat: Sp-4Sp-4 (middle Jiao) and/or Sp-9Sp-9 (lower Jiao)
  • Find context; consider Sp, St, SI, LI patterns, Toxic Emotions E/M11 , NEFs or IP/DI


  • CH from Activation or IP/DI for correction

Home Reinforcement:

  • Candida Albicans elimination diet
  • Supplement with probiotics
  • If client tests suggest high acidity, recommend alkaline diet


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