Emotion Master Points

  1. Find element & check emotion
  2. Enter Hardware associated with element (muscles, cutaneous regions)
  3. Balance Luo points for the channel (the points below labeled (L)) + check if need to combine with the:
    • Yuan Source point of the interior- exterior coupled channel (the point labeled (Y) below);
    • VRP or BP

Lu7 (L) LI4 (Y) Grief and guilt

LI6 (L) Lu9 (Y) Letting go

St40 (L) Sp3 (Y) Contentment, disappointment, relationship anxiety

Sp4 (L) St42 (Y) Worry, finding a place for me, nourishment

Ht5 (L) SI4(Y) Hatred, Love, compassion, self-possessed, in charge

SI7 (L) Ht7 (Y) Communication, understood, rejected

Bl58 (L) Ki3 (Y) Control

Ki4 (L) Bl64 (Y) Fear, driven, focused

Pc6 (L) SJ4 (Y) Intimacy, inner connection, hurt

SJ5 (L) Pc7 (Y) Balance, intimacy, openness

GB37 (L) Lv3 (Y) Choices, resentment, frustration

Lv5 (L) GB40 (Y) Planning, changing, stubborn, stuck, anger

Gv1 (L) Support

Cv15 (L) Success, nurture


Acupuncture Points