Yin (Meeting of Yin)

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Individual Sprit Points
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Connection to the Dao or spiritsource of yin
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Meeting of Yin


The source of yin in the body, the connection to the womb of the Dao – creation energy. Seen in stories as the giant primordial ocean.

Visualise: Stand before a doorway, with will open door and allow yourself to fall deeper and deeper and deeper into yourself. You float gently down into the very depths of your being until you land like a leaf into a vast still ocean. You float in this warm still ocean, the special nurturing qualities of the water making your skin tingle. You have felt like this before when you floated in your mother’s womb. It is comforting, nourishing, nurturing, supportive, and peaceful. Recognise that you are in a womb of sorts – the womb of all creation. The birth place and resting place of everything. When you are ready bring yourself out of this place and back into the room but recognise you are always able to connect with this place of peace and feel refreshed and nurtured.