Takoda Practice Tools
Takoda Practice Tools

Takoda Practice Tools

Tools for Kinesiologists, Mind-Body Medicine and Integrated Complementary Medicine practitioners. Made by Cam Incoll.

Free membership for access to the Ba Gua calculator and to download the PDFs. I will start charging for access to the calculator for practitioners in early 2021.

Now availableβ€” Meridian Reference Charts


These charts are now complete and contain an overview of the channel, with mapping of the key points, cutaneous regions, characteristics in harmony, motivators and symptoms. Also a quick reference for TCM muscles with glyphs to help jog memory for muscle monitoring. Designed to be printed on A4, these can be laminated or bound as a quick reference balance booklet.

Also available: Five Elements Balance Worksheet


Useful for capturing elements and meridians to focus on during a balance and as a reminder of muscle and characteristic associations with elements and meridians.

A bit about Cam

Cam Incoll is management consultant, design strategist, business coach and natural therapist passionate about the wellbeing of our society.

I am studying Mind-Body Medicine and Kinesiology, and I am qualified in Reiki to support people heal naturally.

You can book me for a session at Takoda.life

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