Generalised Social Nervous System

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Social Nervous System
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Generalised Social Nervous System Activation

Eye contact (you smile) P/L

Eyes closed (SNS) & open (PNS), or both\ also eyes open in the dark Therapist: Speak calmly, listen with eye contact, and be still

Play baroque music quietly, aim to have everything else silent

Have them focus on the sensations as you rub

  • Free the neck – moving neck relative to shoulders (harmonic technique)
  • Rub behind ears to the mastoid process
  • Rub the ears
  • Rub neck and scalp
  • Release TMJ muscles (gently)
  • Release the shoulders
  • Extend the back, monitor extensor muscles
  • SI-19SI-19 (auditory stress)
  • Ht-7Ht-7 Have the client focus on relaxing their heart while breathing out - aware of heart as a muscle - relaxing the heart as a muscle
  • Hold Ren-14Ren-14 (front Mu Point for the heart), Ren-15Ren-15 (anxiety point), Ren-17Ren-17 (key point for upper jiao)
  • Oxytocin neurotransmitter on Ren-14Ren-14 (associated with feeling safe) + vasopressin (unsafe)
  • Have client smile
  • Rub Bl-9Bl-9 (survival), Bl-10Bl-10, Du-16Du-16 (both good back brain points), Du-15Du-15 (speech)
  • Lu-9Lu-9 + Have the client breathe in quickly (2 seconds) and out slowly (7 seconds)
    • While breathing out have the imagine relaxing the abdomen and back
  • Alternatively they could be encouraged to sing
    • singing encourages this type of breathing + engages middle ear muscles

Generalised Safety Treatment

Enhance safety

  • Amygdala points
  • Brain points
  • Spirit points
  • Progressive muscle relaxation with focussing
  • ESD balance on water issues

Other options:

  • Cranials, particularly occiput and sphenoid
  • Felt sense between throat and pelvis (vagal areas)

Balance Checklist

Jaw, cranials, cranial reflexes, neck muscles, eye muscles, scalp

Harmonic technique on neck (rocking)

ESD fear balance

Progressive muscle relaxation with focussing or felt sense

Clear Bl-9Bl-9 Du-16Du-16 against: