Small Intestine SI

Small Intestine SI

Ba Gua
Primary Function

Small intestine is important for communication with self and others and understanding self and others. No points on the SI channel are indicated for the digestive system. Its points have limited action on the SI fu. SI fu is closely associated with the SI channel’s lower He-Sea point, St39, and its Front Mu and Back Shu points.

Areas / Symptoms
Brief Psychology
ExpressionExpressing the heartbeing understoodOpennessIntuitive understandingchurning
Primary functions
Clears heat swelling pain and fever along channel pathways pain arm armpit mouth teeth tongue nose cheek eyes ears Transforms phlegm and clears heat from heartBreast disorders.

Begins at little finger, ascends elbow and upper arm, through LI14, to posterior shoulder joint at SI10, zigzags the scapula, crosses to Gv14, intersects Bl41, Bl11, moves to the front of the body at St12, connects with the heart, intersects Cv17, passes through diaphragm and stomach, intersects Cv13, Cv12, and enters the Small Intestine. A branch ascends from St12 to the neck, cheek, and outer corner of the eye, meets with GB1, then to the ear, meeting GB11, SJ20, SJ22 and enters the ear at SI19. Another branch separates at the cheek ascends to SI18, along the nose to Bl1. Another branch descends to St39, the lower He-Sea point of the SI.

6 Channel Partner
Divergent Channel

Separates at the shoulder, enters the armpit, crosses the heart and descends to the abdomen to the small intestine.

Luo Connecting Channel

Begins at SI7, connects the Heart channel, ascends shoulder to connect with LI15.

Sinew Channel

Originates at the little finger, binds at wrist, medial condyle of humerus, armpit, mastoid process, enters ear and ascends around the ear, binds at the mandible, outer edge of eye and corner of head near St8.

Channel Meeting points

LI14, Gv14, Bl41, Bl11, St12, Cv17, Cv13, Cv12, GB1, Gb11, SJ20, SJ22, Bl1

Time of Day
1pm to 3pm
Negative Aspects
tyrant flatterer misunderstood misunderstand unheard
Positive Aspects
understanding of others understood by others discernment communication insight

Cutaneous region


Key aspects

  • Scapula, elbow, eyes (connects with Bl1)
  • Enters the ear – can be used for hearing and earache
  • Has links with Governing Vessel and can be used to treat the back
  • Fever (fire)
  • Can be used to treat breasts, epilepsy and psychosis


Acupuncture Points