SI10 Nao Shu - Vital Strength of the shoulder/ shoulder blade shu

Mode Category
Balance Type
Emotions Spirit and DestinyAdvanced VHS/MBMYang Qiao Mai Points
Balance information
Balance for
accomplish things new things express heart express ourselves break habits freely express ourselves

SI10 Nao Shu - Vital Strength of the shoulder/ shoulder blade shu

Location: depression inferior to scapula spine and superior to the axillary fold.

The characters for this point relate to the connection of the arm to the shoulder. The arm is important in that it helps us accomplish many things in life and to grasp for things that we want. This point provides a foundation point for this action of movement, flexibility and reaching for new things.

This point is a meeting point between the Small Intestine channel and both the Yang Wei and Yang Qiao extraordinary vessels. The Small Intestine channel is responsible for how we express our heart in our lives. This point brings the power of yang – movement, quickness, decisiveness, uprightness to our expression of the heart. It reinforces our ability to actively express ourselves in our life and to communicate from our heart. Lying on the Yang Wei Mai it helps us to break habitual behaviours that hold us back from freely expressing ourselves in our life.

Imagine: freely expressing yourself in your life.