Stomach St

Stomach St

Ba Gua
Primary Function

Helps the Spleen, Carries Qi and blood to the organs; Controls all intestines; Appetite, bad breath, mouth ulcers are associated with the Stomach; Has lots of good points for Qi; Anterior tibialis, abdominals, quadriceps, breasts, frontal lobe

Areas / Symptoms
Breasts quadriceps abdominals appetite bad breath
Brief Psychology
NeedsExcess thinkingtrying to meet my needstrying to meet other’s needsprotectiveChurningAssimilation
Primary functions
Rotting and ripening of food Controls descending First stage of digestion of fluids Appetite and vomiting Stomach pain Atrophy of lower limb Treats disorders of eyes face cheeks forehead nose lips gums teeth ear throat Regulates function of the intestines Disorders of all three parts of the body particularly Sp Lu Ht chest uterus and Bl Tonifying qi blood yin and yang Breast conditions Disturbance of the spirit especially mania and depression Frontal lobe

Begins at LI20, ascends the inside corner of eye to Bl1, descends to St1, upper gum, curves to meet Gv28 and Gv26, circles the lips and meets Cv24, runs laterally to the mandible ascends to via St7 and GB3 to within the hairline intersecting GB4, GB5, GB6, meets Gv24. Another branch separates at St5, descends throat to supraclavicular fossa at St12, crosses around the back to Gv14, descends the diaphragm, intersects Cv13 and Cv12, enters the stomach and spleen. Another branch descends from St12, 4 bin lateral to the midline, to St18, then 2 bin lateral to St30. Another branch begins in the pyloric valve, descends within the abdomen and meets the channel at St30. From St30 the channel descends via the thigh to the lateral aspect of the knee, foot and second toe. Another branch separates on the foot at St42 and travels to Sp1.

Zangfu Connections
6 Channel Partner
Divergent Channel

Separates from the primary channel in middle of the thigh, ascends the abdomen, stomach, and disperses in the spleen, ascends to the heart, throat, mouth, nose, and unites with the main channel at the eye.

Luo Connecting Channel

Begins at St40, connects with the Spleen channel on the medial aspect of the lower leg, ascends the leg and body to the neck and head where it meets with the qi of the other yang channels, a branch travels internally to terminate at the throat.

Sinew Channel

Originates at the middle three toes, binds on the dorsum of the foot ascends the lateral aspect of the leg, binds at the knee where it connects with the GB sinew channel, binds and the hip joint, passes through the ribs and into the spine. A branch binds at the knee, binds above the genitals, binds at St12, ascends the neck, jaw, mouth, to bind at the nose, joins Bl sinew channel and forms a muscular net around the eye (lower net) [Bl channel forms the upper net]. A branch separates at the jaw and binds in front of the ear.

Channel Meeting points

LI20, Bl1, GB3, GB4, GB5, GB6, Gv14, Gv24, Gv26, Gv28, Cv12, Cv13, Cv24, GB14, GB21.

Time of Day
7am to 9am
Negative Aspects
ingratiating needy stubborn compliant needy avarice
Positive Aspects
meeting needs inside integrating myself into the wider world altruism reciprocity adaptability

Cutaneous region


Key aspects

  • Helps the Spleen
  • Carries Qi and blood to the organs
  • Controls all intestines
  • Appetite, bad breath, mouth ulcers are associated with the Stomach
  • Has lots of good points for Qi
  • Anterior tibialis, abdominals, quadriceps, breasts, frontal lobe

Acupuncture Points