Body Psychology Symptoms

SymptomOrganTCM Body Psychology
Headaches: Frontal headaches - intense
Headaches: Frontal headaches- dull
Headaches: Occipital headaches - dull
Headaches: Occipital headaches - intense
Headaches: Parietal/vertex headaches - dull
Headaches: Parietal/vertex headaches - intense
Teeth: Clenched or grinding
Teeth: Decay
Skin: Dermatitis
Skin: Dry
Skin: Oily, pimples
Digestion/ Energy: Appetite higher than normal + don’t feel like eating
Digestion/ Energy: Appetite higher than normal + eat a lot
Digestion/ Energy: Bloated, diarrhoea, undigested food in stool
Digestion/ Energy: Bloated, heavy
Digestion/ Energy: Bloated, regurgitation, reflux, intermittent constipation & diarrhoea
Digestion/ Energy: Constipation
Digestion/ Energy: Energy low first thing then improves
Digestion/ Energy: Energy lower in afternoon or generally low or low after exertion
Digestion/ Energy: No appetite
Sex drive: Low
Menstruation: Absence, or lack of blood
Menstruation: Dull pain particularly at end of period
Menstruation: Early menopause
Menstruation: Endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, uterine cancer
Menstruation: Heavy dull pain during
Menstruation: In wk before period - pain, distension of breasts, moodiness
Menstruation: Intense pain and pin prick clots or dull pain during
Menstruation: Intense pain with clots up to 2cm, irregular periods
Menstruation: Stabbing pain with very large clots
Sleep: Hard to go to sleep
Sleep: Hot at night and night sweats
Sleep: Wake up during night & can’t go back to sleep
Sleep: Wake up to go to toilet
Ears: Tinnitus – loud
Ears: Tinnitus – soft, poor hearing
Eyes: Spots or blurred vision, red eyes, dry eyes
Heart: Angina, problems with the pump
Heart: Chest pain - dull
Heart: Chest pain – stabbing, exploding
Heart: Palpitations, dysrhythmia
Cough: Dry
Cough: Wet
Blood signs: Brittle nails, dry eyes, dry lips, hair falling out
Dizziness: General
Urination: Frequent, difficulty controlling
Nose: Sinus or blocked
Bones: Frequent fractures, osteoporosis, osteopenia
Pain: Dull, worse with fatigue
Pain: Wandering, intense, distended, worse with stress
Breathing: Difficulty breathing out, asthma, bronchitis