Kidney Ki

Kidney Ki

Ba Gua
Primary Function
The Kidney channel is the most yin of the channels and connects us to our original nature.  In harmony it is the source of our wisdom and intuition. It also contains our will, our capacity to unrelentingly unfold our true nature in life. Persistence is the outcome of strong Kidney energy. The root of original yin and yang, houses the will, foundation of CV and Chong Mai.
Areas / Symptoms
Lumbar pain weak knees urinary problems
Brief Psychology
Fearsafetywithdrawalinternal controldrivenstillnesswisdom
TCM Muscles
Primary functions
Stores essence dominates reproduction growth and development produces marrow filling the brain dominating bones assisting in production of blood dominates water controls the reception of qi opens into the ears dominates the anus and urethra
Begins beneath the little toe, crosses to Ki1, runs up the medial aspect of the leg, intersects the Spleen channel at Sp6, continues to the medial aspect of the popliteal fossa, runs to the tip of the coccyx where it intersects Gv1, threads its way through the spine enters the kidney from L2, one branch ascends through the liver and diaphragm, enters the lung and ascends to the throat to terminate at the root of the tongue, another branch separates in the lung, joins with the heart and disperses in the chest to link with Pc and Cv17, another branch emerges from the kidney to connect with the bladder, intersects CV at CV3, CV4 and CV7, as it moves up the anterior surface of the torso to end at Ki27.
6 Channel Partner
Divergent Channel
Separates at knee, intersects Bl divergent channel at thigh, connects with kidneys, crosses the Dai Mai near L2, ascends to the root of the tongue and emerges at the nape of the neck where it connects with the Bl channel
Luo Connecting Channel
Begins at Ki4, encircles heel (posterior), connects with Bl channel; travels from Ki4 to the just below the pericardium where it spreads into the last 4 lumber vertebra
Sinew Channel
Little toe, inferior medial malleolus, ascends leg, medial condyle of tibia, medial thigh to genitals, a branch travels internally to the spinal vertebra where it ascends the inner aspect of the spine to the nape of the neck where it binds to the occiput
Channel Meeting points
Sp6, Gv1, Cv3, Cv4, Cv7, Cv17
Time of Day
5pm to 7pm
Negative Aspects
afraid frozen hopeless
Positive Aspects
wisdom to treat myself well wisdom overcoming fear will driven
Related to Spine (Organ)

Cutaneous region


Key aspects

  • Connects with kidneys, bladder, lumbar spine
  • Growth, reproduction and development
  • Bones, marrow
  • Extremely important because connects to fires of life (lower dantian) which contains our life force energy (jing)
  • Signs of deficiency: urinating at night, poor bladder control, lumbar pain and weak knees
  • Metabolism – includes adrenals and thyroid function
  • Underpins the yin of the body – ie. water / fluids
  • Underpins the yang of the body – ie. function particularly water metabolism, digestion and breathing in
  • Good for organ and channel
  • Metabolism
  • Water processing
  • Heat Cold

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