Key Insight


Physical connection
Excessive SNSstagnation Wiry pulse or no pulse Purple tongue Irritable with heat hot during day Qi stag – distended moving pain - stress Blood stag – knife like pain -repressed emotion
Psych (excess)
Stuckangry and frustratedhanging on to past hurts or habitsUnable to let gotest new one
Psych (deficient)
More specific principle

Cold From stagnation: poor circulation and lack of connection with self Heat From stagnation: repressed emotion, stuck, preoccupied with others at the expense of myself

Look for

Wiry pulse or no pulse, Purple tongue, Irritable, with heat = hot during day, Qi stag – distended moving pain - stress, Blood stag – knife like pain - repressed emotion

Questions to ask
Qi Stagnation: Is there some area in your life you are feeling stuck Stuck in relation to... Stagnation symptoms (Feeling Stuck) in relation to (area psychology) Heat - do you get hot at night? Do you sweat at night? Are you restless? What is your sleep like?

Hot, Excess and Yang conditions usually point to excessive sympathetic nervous system activity. Most commonly these occur because of stagnation – the client is not addressing key issues in their life and is feeling stuck emotionally.

It is important for them to begin to process these emotions and to begin to do more of what they want in life.

Suggested explorations
  • Qi Stagnation: Is there some area in your life you are feeling stuck
  • Stuck in relation to...
  • Stagnation symptoms (Feeling Stuck) in relation to (area psychology)
  • Blood Stagnation: note area Eg Uterus... “Do you have any issues with femininity, mother, nurturing self


  • Peter Cochrane: The mind situated between yin and yang remains untroubled an Qi flows freely - immediate acceptance of what is
  • Attachment to outcomes makes us resist What Is, and indulge in What If? Our yin and yang separate as our inner world and outer world move apart
  • Emotions are caused by a yin and yang separation - emotions tell us about our relationship with ourself.
  • Emotions (recurrent) are evidence of stagnation
  • Caused by being stuck emotionally
  • Being physically immobile - causes stagnation - depressions - emotionally stagnant - physically stagnant
  • Worse with stress
  • Worse first thing in the morning
  • Things moving in the wrong direction - eg digestion - belching hiccup heartburn

Qi stagnation - Liver

  • Liver Qi Stagnation - Stress - slows movement - causes pain that moves around the body - changes biorhythms
  • SNS fight flight
  • Eg variation of the menstrual cycle; constipation to diarrhoea;
  • Exploding pain
  • Changes location
  • Constraining self - rules set

Blood - most channels

  • Fixed location
  • Knife like pain
  • Bruising
  • Deep repressed toxic emotion

Damp - more Earth

  • Heavy
  • Bloated
  • Mental Loops cause
  • Overthinking cause
  • Poor digestion and build up of fluid
  • Root of disharmony
    • Life is full of obstacles
    • I can’t
    • Betrayal - intimacy issues - heart pumps the blood - blood stagnation - possibility
  • Symptoms
    • Tired when wake
    • Better for movement
    • Often creates excessive heat
      • Red all over
      • Hot all over
      • Manic
      • Speak fast and loud
    • Moving in the wrong direction
      • Constipation - diarrhoea
      • Regurgitation
      • Reflux burping
      • Nausea
      • Distension, bloating, pain of abdomen
      • Damp or Qi causing