Liver Lv

Liver Lv

Ba Gua
Primary Function
The Liver is considered the general of the army – plans and directs blood and qi. It relates particularly to the smooth flow of blood and qi. It also moistens and stores the blood, revitalising the blood. The blood resides in the liver at night. If the blood is not moistened the tendons dry out, and you tend to get brittle nails and dry eyes. It terms of menstrual flow – bright and heavy usually indicates hot liver blood; if light deficient liver blood; if irregular, dark and clotted stagnant Liver blood (also likely to be suppressing emotions).
Areas / Symptoms
Pubic region lateral costal area vertex of head
Brief Psychology
Anger, frustration, perfectionist focussed on doing rather than being
Primary functions
Stores the blood Free flow of qiDominates the sinewsOpens in to the eyesManifests the nails
Begins at lateral aspect of big toe, runs along foot to Lv4, ascends up the medial aspect of the leg, intersects the Spleen channel at Sp6 where it runs anterior to the spleen channel and then crosses again runs posterior to the spleen channel to the knee and medial thigh, runs to the pubic region via Sp12 and Sp13 where it encircles the genitals, enters the abdomen, intersects Cv2, 3 and 4, continues up, curves around the stomach, enters the liver and gall bladder, crosses the diaphragm, spreads in the chest, ascends to the neck, throat and tissues surrounding the eye, runs up to Gv20. A branch descends from the eyes to the inner surface of the lips. Another branch spreads in the lung and intersects Pc1.
6 Channel Partner
Divergent Channel
Separates at foot, ascends to genitals and converges with gall bladder primary channel
Luo Connecting Channel
Separates at Lv5, connects with GB and ascends to genitals
Sinew Channel
Originates on the big toe, binds to the anterior aspect of the medial malleolus, proceeds to the genitals
Channel Meeting points
Sp6, Sp12, Sp13, Cv2, Cv3, Cv4, Pc1, Gv20
Time of Day
1am to 3am
The Liver official plays an important role in free flow of Qi, that is why when the Liver is not functioning we often see stagnation, which is followed by pain. The Liver official helps us with planning, striving, growing, it generates creativity to direct our growth. It empowers the virtue of Benevolence and helps us with good level of self-esteem. Often this official needs to be lanced when people feel stuck in their lives, when they have lost the determination to strive to plan or to even grow. Frustration, anger, stagnation are all part of the liver official not functioning.
Related to The Core Emotions (Meridian)


  • Connects with pubic region
  • Responsible for vision, blurred vision, spots before eyes, dry and red eyes are all Lv conditions
  • Responsible for smooth flow of qi (ie. biorhythms)
  • When stressed Lv qi stagnates and we get angry, frustrated and suffer pain and stiffness
  • Any symptom that is worse with stress: the liver is involved
  • Stagnation generates heat – can affect the head (unclear thinking or headaches)
  • Stagnation generates tiredness first thing in the morning
  • Stores the blood – hence important for menstruation, nails, hair, dryness of eyes and lips
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Lv 3 generalised pain and stress point

Cutaneous region