Gall Bladder GB

Gall Bladder GB

Ba Gua
Primary Function

The Gall Bladder fu stores and excretes bile and rules courage, decision making and judgement. Gall Bladder and Liver are entrusted with Ministerial fire – decision making

Areas / Symptoms
Piriformis pelvis lateral body parietals tinnitus clenched teeth headaches
Brief Psychology
DecisionsDifficult to make decisionstrying to live up to expectationscourageStructure to aspiration
Primary functions
Disorders of the eyes and earsHeadachesDisorders of the liverPhlegm and smooth flow of fluidsDisorders of the spirit and Ethereal Soul (Hun)judgement decisiveness courageDisorders of the sinews and marrowParietal lobesPsycho-emotional and brain

Begins at the outer corner of the eye, one branch weaves back and forth on the head, from the top of the ear to the mastoid back to the frontal eminences (GB14), connecting with SJ22 above the ear, SJ20 behind the ear, St8 just inside the hairline, ascends closer to the midline over the top of the head, to the occiput before curving behind the ear to the top of the shoulder (through SJ15), meets the spine at Gv14, passes laterally to Bl11 and SI12, then anteriorly to St12 (near the clavicle. It continues in front of the armpit, lateral ribcage, to the hip. The second branch emerges behind the ear, enters the ear at SJ17, emerges at the front of the ear, passes through SI19, St7 to the edge of the eye, descends to the jaw near St5, rises to Bl1, descends to the neck near St6, intersects St9 to rejoin the main channel in supraclavicular fossa, descends to chest to Pc1, crosses diaphragm, connects with the Liver zang and Gall Bladder fu, continues inside of the ribs to genitals, enters deeply to emerge at sacrum where it meets the Bladder channel and meets with the Gv at Gv1, emerges at the buttock at Gb30. Another branch descends from the supraclavicular fossa to the armpit, intersects Lv13, descends to the hip to GB30, and continues to knee and lateral side of the fourth toe. Another branch separates at GB41 to cross to the liver channel at the big toe.

Zangfu Connections
Meetings with
Divergent Channel

Separates at thigh, enters the pubic region, connects with GB and Lv, crosses the heart and throat, emerges at lower jaw, disperses in the face, connects with the eye and rejoins main channel at outer edge of eye.

Luo Connecting Channel

Separates at GB37 connects with the Liver channel and disperses over the dorsum of the foot.

Sinew Channel

Originates at 4th toe, binds at lateral malleolus, lateral aspect of knee, thigh, sacrum, at St12, at the side of the nose and at the outer edge of the eye.

Channel Meeting points

These are from VHS Manual St7, St8, St9, St12, SI12, SI19, Bl1, Bl11, Bl31, Bl32, Bl33, Bl34, Pc1, SJ15, SJ17, SJ20, SJ22, Lv13, Gv1, Gv14, Gv20.

Time of Day
11pm to 1am
Negative Aspects
trapped stuck unjust unfair rigid resentment indecisive flaccid
Positive Aspects
free flexible choice discernment

Cutaneous region


Key aspects

  • Face, parietal lobes, lateral aspect of body, piriformis, pelvis, sacrum, lateral leg
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Vision and hearing
  • Does have connections with the Kidney (ie. the front mu point GB25) – can be used for the marrow (GB39 is the influential point of the marrow)

Acupuncture Points