Lung Lu

Lung Lu

Ba Gua
Primary Function

Receives the clear qi of heaven, inhaling air qi which descends to the kidneys and exhaling waste qi. The Lung is a very important organ for providing contact with heaven and with our original/ spiritual natures. It is very important for qi, not just in terms of air qi but also defensive qi and our immune system. It opens water passages and so relates to sweating and dry skin.

Areas / Symptoms
Lungs throat chest
Brief Psychology
LossGriefguiltvalueconnection to spiritReveranceSpirit
Primary functions
Governs qi and controls respiration controls disseminating and descending regulates water passages controls skin and body hair opens into nose (through large intestine)

Originates in the middle jiao - in the region of the stomach, descends to connect with the large intestine, returns upwards to pass the cardiac (upper) opening of the stomach, traverses the diaphragm, penetrates the lung, ascends the throat and then emerges at Lu1.

6 Channel Partner
Divergent Channel

Large intestine, chest and throat

Luo Connecting Channel

Lu7, thenar eminence on palm of hand, connects with LI channel

Sinew Channel

Anterior chest, along arm around the channel to thumb

Channel Meeting points

None listed

Time of Day
3am to 5am
Negative Aspects
grief guilt sorrow longing disconnected from heaven closed down fulfilled vane self-deprecating frail
Positive Aspects
receptive valuable connected with heaven acting rightly pure inspired self worth
Related to Spine (Organ)

Cutaneous region


Key aspects

  • Mainly used to improve breathing, lung function, coughs
  • Responsible for the skin, exterior of the body and immunity (wei qi)
  • Begins in the Stomach – hence food allergens can affect the lungs quickly and express on skin
  • Connects to thumb, arm, lungs, throat

Acupuncture Points