Forbidden in Pregnancy?

Yang Mound Spring





Special Point
Key PointHe SeaEarth Point

He-Sea and Earth point
 Hui -meeting point of Sinews
 Ma Dan-yang Heavenly Star point

sinews joints GB channel pain spreading liver qi the lateral costal region liver and gall bladder damp-heat SJ and GB channel
key point for sinews and tissues key point for stiff tight muscles and joints anywhere in the body key point for GB and Lv knee pain hip pain sciatica key point for pain in lateral costal region nausea vomiting depression.
Channel Psychology

GB: Decisions/ choices. I implement my heart’s desire.
 SJ: Other people give me no choice. I need to put others first before I make choices for myself. St: I am content with my choices. I know what is right for me.
 Sp: I worry about the effect of my choices/decisions on other people.

Point Psychology
frightTimidsighingfear of being apprehended
Key Spirit Point Themes
Structure vs no structure activity and thought

Disorders of the sinews, contraction of the sinews, contraction and pain of the calf muscles in sudden turmoil disorder, contraction of the sinews of the foot stiffness and tightness of the muscles and joints, numbness, paralysis of one side of body, stiffness of the neck and shoulders, pain of the elbow, atrophy disorder and painful obstruction of the lower limb, swelling, pain and redness of the knee, painful obstruction of the hip and knee, sciatica, numbness and pain of the thigh and knee, coldness and pallor of the feet, diseases of the gall bladder, fullness and pain of the lateral costal region, frequent sighing, fear of people as if about to be apprehended, constipation, difficult urination, epilepsy, bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat, vomiting, jaundice, chills and fever, swelling of the face and head, hypertension, depression.


The point information was compiled from multiple sources including College of Complementary Medicine, Sydney Australia. Point location diagram recreated from A Manual of Acupuncture, P Deadman.