Specific Region Anatomy and Physiology

Mode Category
Balance Type
Vibrational Healing Systems
Balance information
Balance for
Disorders of the Abdomen Lumber region and back Head and nape Face and mouth Chest and lateral costal region Resuscitation

Specific Region Anatomy & Physiology ST24

This mode relates to accessing information and resolving stress in an aspect of the body, either a location or a particular function.

The mode relates either to points that relate to a particular body location or to the 6 Command Points which are key points that have been traditionally used for balancing disorders of a particular region of the body.

  1. Verbally challenge whether to work on 6 command points or body location points
  2. Hold point/s

6 Command Points

  • St36 — Disorders of the Abdomen
  • Bl40 — Lumber region and back
  • Lu7 — Head and nape
  • LI4 — Face and mouth
  • Pc6 — Chest and lateral costal region
  • Gv26 — Resuscitation
Note: can also be good when using the command points to also challenge for a Body Systems (Hui Meeting Points) eg Hui point Bl17 may show with St36 which suggests that a disorder of the abdomen (St36) may relate to a problem with Blood (Bl17).

Body Location Points

Physical Areas


Acupuncture Points