Physical Condition
LI: Letting go. Holding on to things of value. Needing to be valued by others.
SJ: External boundaries, I do not know who I am. I am other people. I do not let people close. Intimacy. Balancing inner and outer world.
Pc: The gate to my inner frontier is very difficult to cross. I have no connection with my heart. I have no connection with others. Intimacy.
SJ: Other people give me no choice. I need to put others first before I make choices for myself. SI: I listen to my heart as to what is right for me. Pc: I follow my heart and choose what is right for me even when I am afraid of being hurt.
Recovery. External support. Supporting others.
 SJ: Balancing supporting myself with support for others.
 SI: Asking for support when I need it.
 GB: Feeling my decisions are supported by others.
 Bl: I have to stay in control and handle problems myself.
 St: I put other peoples needs ahead of my own. Other people put their needs ahead of me.