Sleep - insomnia

Physical Condition
Related Condition
Lu: Grieving over being neglected by others, or having lost connection with myself. Lost connection with spirit. LI: Letting go of the need to be praised, rewarded and accepted. Finding the value within instead of in what money can buy.
Pc: Connection with my own heart. I blame others, I am responsible, overly attached to my possessions, I may lose everything. SJ: I take responsibility for everything working out all right for me Yin Wei Mai: I trust others, jealousy
Bl: I need approval; I am free to be myself. Control. I’m in charge of my life.
Yang Wei Mai: I have the courage to choose to live my intended destiny/ spirit path.
 Yang Qiao Mai: I worry about whether I have made the right choice. I procrastinate. 
SJ: Other people give me no choice. I need to put others first before I make choices for myself.