Physical Condition
More Specific Condition
Lu: Grief. Value. I do not value myself. I am better than others. I am different from others. I am not good enough.
 Sp: I worry that others may not value what is inside me. I grieve for others.
LI: Letting go of guilt and grief Cv: Learning to nourish self.
St: I have everything I need to learn, I learn all that I want, I have nothing to learn from others. Sp: I worry that others might see what I don’t know, I am too worried to take it all in.
Bl: I need approval; I am free to be myself. Control. I’m in charge of my life. Lu: I am free to learn from life, no one respects me.
Pc: I must protect my heart from being hurt by failed relationships. SJ: Overwhelmed by intimacy in relationships - Overly open with strangers. Ki: Afraid of failure - Afraid of success. Sp: Worry about being successful enough to be able to meet my needs - Lack of internal nourishment/ nurturing. SI: Communicating from my core - Expressing or not expressing my true self