Irritable bowel

Physical Condition
GB: I choose with my head and not with my heart. I do not know what is right.
 Sp: Its OK to put my plans first.
Lv: Stuck, life flows easily, I welcome change, resentment, anger.
 St: I let concerns over other people get in the way of my plans. I need to take care of other people first. Other people know best. Sp: Its OK to put my plans first.
Pc: Connection with my own heart. I blame others, I am responsible, overly attached to my possessions, I may lose everything. SJ: I take responsibility for everything working out all right for me Yin Wei Mai: I trust others, jealousy
SI: I do not know when to trust others to speak the truth - I do not know the right thing to say, Sp: I worry about succeeding/failing, SJ: External factors thwart my success, SJ: Other people would suffer if I was a success, St: I do not know how to be successful - I am frustrated with my lack of success
Sp: worry, anxiety, over thinking, fulfilled. My best is not good enough. St: worry about relationships or other people, I look after myself, I support others. Need to live up to other people’s expectations