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Broken Sequence





Special Point
Master PointKey PointLuo Point

Luo-connecting point Confluent point of CV Gao Wu Command Point Ma Dan-yang Heavenly Star Point

immune system wind the descending function of the Lung respiratory system sense organs phlegm head and nape Conception water passages Lu channel and pain
Key point for lung function and asthma headache memory brain face bed wetting
Channel Psychology

LI: Letting go of guilt and grief Cv: Learning to nourish self.

Point Psychology
Laughter yawning prolonged worry grief or sadness. Those who bear their problems in silence and keep them in – stimulates beneficial outpouring of emotions
Key Spirit Point Themes
Cry of sadness – grief

Chills and fever, nasal congestion and discharge, nasal polyps, flaring of the nostrils, throat painful obstruction, cough with or without phlegm, wheezing, short breath, asthma, heat of the chest and back, shivering and cold of the chest and back, sweating, sudden swelling of the four limbs, thirst, headache and stiffness of the neck and nape, one-sided headache, lockjaw, paralysis of one side of the body, deviation of the mouth and eye, toothache, epilepsy, acute childhood fright, loss of consciousness, vomiting of watery saliva, hypertension, retention of lochia, retention of the dead foetus, post-partum inability to speak, blood in the urine, hot and painful urination, difficult urination, pain of the penis, pain of the genitals, seminal emission, poor memory, palpitations, propensity to laughter, frequent yawning and stretching, tension of the chest and back, fullness of the lateral costal region, breast abscess, weakness or pain of the wrist and hand, pain of the thumb, shoulder pain, heat in the palm, malaria, bed wetting

Open Point Psychology

In times of extremely difficult situations hide one’s brilliance and bide one’s time Connect to the true inner self Connect to the origins of life


The point information was compiled from multiple sources including College of Complementary Medicine, Sydney Australia. Point location diagram recreated from A Manual of Acupuncture, P Deadman.