Specific Chakra Activations

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Specific Chakra Activations

Where possible, all chakra activations should be performed while the client places their hand on or over the chakra and focuses on the area.


  • Go to the table for associated acupoints for chakra and challenge all related acupoints. This can be done via muscle monitoring or by palpating and looking for
  • Discuss the meaning of this point with client (from VHS1).
  • Stimulate the relevant acupoints by pulsing or rubbing and P/L.

Specific Muscles:

  • Go to the table for associated muscles that are innervated by the chakra
  • Monitor the muscle in contraction and extension and P/L.
  • Move muscle through range of motion to stretch the fibres. Often best if client gives some resistance but allows practitioner to move the muscle through entire
  • Massage or stimulate the muscle proprioceptors, especially at origins and

Organs and Physical Regions:

  • Go to the table for associated and related structures and challenge which structures to activate. CL Alarm Points for organs and directly CL other structural
  • Muscle monitoring can be used to gain information, or simply palpate A/Ps and relevant structural areas and P/L. Any I/C or tender area should be stimulated for at least 20


  • Determine which gland or organ you will be working with (CL A/Ps and gland points for organs/glands associated with this chakra, or challenge verbally if necessary).
  • Challenge hormones produced by this gland/organ to find priority hormone to explore. Use vials if you have
  • Discuss with client the function of this hormone. Ask questions to explore why this might be showing.
  • If the hormone is part of a hypothalamic circuit, challenge other chakras and hormones of that circuit (eg cortisol - challenge CRH on crown, ACTH on brow and Cortisol on base/adrenals).
  • To further activate, challenge the organs and other body areas that are affected by this hormone. This is best done by challenging a vial against these areas. (Always discuss with client and include them in the investigation).
  • Challenge more hormones - I/C - repeat process


  • Go to the table for relevant element and

Home Reinforcement

Giving the client homework to help them connect with the chakra energy and allow them to continue in helping this chakra to reach harmony is often an extremely important addition to clinical work. Any aspect that you have activated or balanced may be challenged as homework. Often it is good to give the client a specific program, explain it well, put a timing on it and encourage them to follow through with it.

Common strategies that may be beneficial:

  • Visualise and focus on chakra, reflecting on main energetic and emotional
  • Carry a relevant crystal or place in chakra at appropriate
  • Use a relevant essence, homeopathic or Aura-Soma.
  • Wear or use the relevant colour in some way (in the home, painting etc).
  • Consider the ‘Back to Harmony’ exercises from the associated element.
  • Rub or stimulate relevant acupoints