Brow Chakra Balance

Brow Chakra Balance

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The use of logic perception and discernment Imagination Seeking truth about self


Involved with perception. It is the chakra that we look at when there is a need for discernment, or imagination, or understanding truth about self. It is the realm of our thoughts, so stillness of mind and clarity of thinking will depend on this chakra

Associated Acupoints

M-HN-3M-HN-3 GV24.5 (on midline in between eyebrows)

Du-16Du-16 (on midline directly below occipital protuberance)

All Can affect all organs as it has an effect on ANS. The ANS regulates organ activity by increasing or decreasing function.

Gb-20Gb-20 - Clarity of thinking

Du-24Du-24 - Rational thinking and logic

Du-17Du-17 - Connecting heart-brain

Sound Associations

  • AP Tuning Forks
    • Pericardium and Triple Heater combination
  • Elfen Harmonics
    • Indigo. Note is A
  • Chromatic Tuning Forks
    • Main note A
    • To tonify chakra play A major (A, C#, E)
    • To sedate chakra play A minor (A, C, E)
  • Instrument
    • Harp and piano


Acupuncture Points