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Global Chakra Balance ST22

The chakra system is highly interconnected, so often when we challenge for imbalances within the chakra system we have several chakras responding at the same time. With most stress patterns it can be hard to pinpoint one event or thing that has been the key factor in an issue; rather it’s often a combination of many factors.

The global chakra balance aims at reducing stress from the chakra system overall. It looks at the major 10 chakras on the Hara line with an option to include all the smaller chakras on the body. The idea behind this approach to balancing is to harmonise as many chakras as possible without going into the details of each chakra. It is important that you have first challenged the Hara line and that this is no longer giving a stressful response.

Procedure Context/Activation:

Challenge all 10 chakras on the Hara line. For any I/C, activate as follows:

  • Palm chakra briefly
  • Stimulate front and back acupoints (if appropriate and/or possible)
  • Discuss with client the 3 key phrases associated with chakra and any relevance to


Challenge for correction: Sound (ST18), Crystals (E/M7), Palming

  • Sound: use Applied Physiology tuning forks, chromatic tuning forks or Elfen harmonics and apply appropriate sound to each chakra that gave I/C. If you have other sound instruments can also use these if
  • Crystals:
    1. Place a crystal or crystals on each of the chakras that gave an I/C
    2. Challenge if you need to use double terminators between chakras
    3. Leave client in the crystal set up for 5-10
    4. Can do palming or sound correction at same
  • Palming
    1. Challenge which chakra/s to palm first from the ones that gave the I/C.
    2. Apply palming, then CH for next chakra. Continue until you have applied palming on all chakras that gave an I/C. You can palm more than one chakra at a time.

Including the minor chakras:

This global balance for the overall chakra system can also be extended to include all the minor chakras. If you choose to include the minor chakras in the initial assessment (step 1) then also include them in balancing. Unless specified you may need to challenge which sound or crystal could be beneficial for each of the minor chakras.