Chakra Mapping

Chakra Mapping


The core of this model is taken from Raphael Locke’s Transpersonal Counselling Diploma course. This process, created by David Starr and Ondrej Bursik, draws from Raphael’s model but is a unique process in its own right.

The most important element is that you are simply mapping, not looking to facilitate a therapeutic outcome within the process. For each chakra, clients will ask themselves a specific question; these are given on the Chakra Mapping Chart. Mapping of the whole self via the chakras can illuminate areas in need of attention/healing and is also a highly effective method of activation. You may choose to map only the seven major chakras (base to crown) or all ten, depending on your client.

Before you begin:

  • Don’t assume your client knows what chakras are
  • Ask them what they know of Be prepared with a succinct, easy to understand definition.
  • Explain purpose of the mapping process to your
  • Explain that you will facilitate the process and write down their words, so not to worry about recall.
  • Check if client has had any prior adverse reaction to work involving altered states of consciousness
  • If not, proceed, reminding client that they are always in full control, and can ask at anytime for help to be guided and supported back to a safe state of normal


  • Place client in a comfortable, lying
  • Facilitate client through a 5-7 minute PMR
  • “Take three deep breaths into the belly…
  • “Deepening in relaxation… softening, sinking, calm, peaceful…”
  • “Be aware of this neutral place or feeling in your body, just being with the ”
  • “We are about to ‘check-in’ with your chakras….”
  1. “Now, gently bring your attention to your_________ chakra… just be here awhile… breathe

with this chakra”.

  • “Ask yourself, “________________ ?“ (from Chart)
  • Facilitate exploration of chakra, using Chart categories as a Clarify when necessary using CLIENT’S words, and record their experiences on Chart.
  • “Gently letting that dissolve now… returning to your neutral ... and being with your


  • Repeat steps 7-10 in this style for each
  • Once all chakras are mapped, facilitate client’s safe and gentle return. Do not rush your
IMPORTANT: This is a mapping so it’s important NOT to dwell on any areas with the intention to facilitate healing outcomes. It is OK to have several chakras with little happening.

Upon conclusion of this process you may use other techniques to further explore or balance the chakras. Start by asking your client, ‘which chakra do you feel you would like to work with today?