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Vibration Recognition Point (VRP)

This is a key point that relates to the underlying causal frequency for the issue that has been formatted. The goal and related issues need to be thoroughly explored and H/L before finding the VRP.

You usually find this point only after all the relevant symptoms and aspects of the goal or issue have been addressed in the balance set up. The VRP will then relate to the key stress underneath these issues.

The VRP has several qualities:

  • It can be used to balance any OF or UF state throughout the
  • It helps the brain connect disparate aspects of the problem with the underlying cause (helps with body-mind recognition of the underlying pattern).
  • It can unearth suppressed/hidden stress (like using suppression mode but more direct) and
  • It can be used throughout the balance in combination with the other points and corrections that show to make these corrections deeper and generally


  1. Find VRP using priority A/P, check for priority side of body, find specific point
  2. P/L point, discuss and hold.