The character for fear symbolises the knocking/beating that fear gives to the heart and another common related symbol relates to a little bird which needs to be vigilant to look out for danger and preserve life. Fear comes from weakness of the kidneys. Fear breaks the heart kidney axis. The essences withdraw and the liquids and essences inside the body are not sustained by qi. There is a separation of qi and essences, and liquids descend leading to dry throats and heart palpitations. Essences are lost through defecation and urination. Fear can also make you timid, panic, watchful and lack courage. Fear makes qi move downwards, resulting in loss of fluid, swollen legs and feet, and articulations, bones and joints may lack liquid and essence.


~ Fear ~

Fear includes both a chronic state of fear and anxiety, and a sudden fright. Fear depletes Kidney-Qi and it makes Qi descend.

"Fear depletes the Essence, it blocks the Upper Burner, which makes Qi descend to the Lower Burner"

Examples of Qi descending is nocturnal incontinence in children and incontinence or diarrhea in adults following a sudden fright.

In adults fear and chronic anxiety more often cause deficiency of Kidney-Yin and rising of Empty-Heat within the Heart, with a feeling of heat in the face, night sweating, palpitations and a dry mouth and throat.