The different parts of the character for fright relates to restraining oneself, remaining frozen/ motionless, being easily startled and sensitive to noise and light. Fright leaves us startled and the spirits are not sure how to react. Physically this can produce convulsions or seizures. The effect is the opposite of thought where spirits dwell on only one thing and remain in only one place. When frightened, the spirits have no place to settle and there is disorder, disassociation and no thinking. Fright affects the heart, kidneys, liver and spleen.

~ Shock ~

Mental shock “suspends” Qi and affects the Heart. It causes a sudden depletion of Heart-Qi, makes the Heart smaller and leads to palpitations, breathlessness and insomnia.

“Shock affects the Heart depriving it of residence; the Mind has no shelter and cannot rest, so that Qi becomes chaotic”.

Shock also "closes" the Heart or makes the Heart smaller.  This can be observed in a bluish tinge on the forehead and a Heart pulse which is Tight and Fine.