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Special Point
Spirit PointMaster PointKey PointLuo Point

Confluent point of the Yang Wei Mai Luo point

wind immune system head ears Yang Wei Mai heat SJ channel and pain
Major headache point key point for hearing immune system auditory integration
Channel Psychology

Pc: The gate to my inner frontier is very difficult to cross. I have no connection with my heart. I have no connection with others. Intimacy.


Injury by cold, chills and fever, sweating with heat on the exterior, febrile disease, headache, migraine, brain confusion, headache, one-sided headache, pain of the vertex, frontal headache, pain of the nape, dizziness, hypertension, deafness, impaired hearing, tinnitus, pain of the ear, itching of the ear, redness, pain and swelling of the root of the ear, redness, pain and swelling of the eyes, cold eyes, superficial visual obstruction, stiffness of the tongue with difficulty in speaking, toothache, ulceration of the mouth, cracked lips, nosebleed, scrofula, mumps, constipation, abdominal pain, oppression and tightness of the chest, pain of the lateral costal region, vomiting blood, heat in the organs, pain of the shoulder and back, stiff neck, pain of the ribs and lateral costal region, numbness and pain of the elbow and arm, contraction of the elbow, flaccidity of the elbow, soreness and heaviness of the elbow and wrist swelling and redness of the arm, paralysis and numbness of the arm, paralysis of one side of the body, severe pain of the fingers with inability to grasp objects, coldness, numbness and pain of the hands and feet, tremor of the hand, redness, swelling and pain of the ankle, pain of the toes, joint pain

Open Point Psychology

After a decreasing an increasing follows Follow the good when you see it and correct your faults when you find them Correct one’s faults firmly as thunder It is favourable to have somewhere to go Balance the outer aspects of your self The outer shell is also important Protect oneself from outside influence


The point information was compiled from multiple sources including College of Complementary Medicine, Sydney Australia. Point location diagram recreated from A Manual of Acupuncture, P Deadman.