Officials and their role—20 minute balance

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20 min Demo
Balance for
20 minute

20 minutes Balance Approach

Good for: Demonstrations, promotion, marketing,Steps:

  1. Discuss issue and put on Goal if you like, can just HL the issue.
  2. Go through Alarm points, or Manaka Alarm points or Yuan points.
  3. For each point that shows rub and feel for tenderness.
  4. For each point Activate AK and TCM muscle.
  5. For each point discuss the role of the emperor, officials and advisors. How does this connect to client?
  6. If you find a relevant official, find point on channel and balance.

Official Role Zang Fu


The nine points of the Heart channel are almost all involved in the destiny so our Emperors vision can be achieved, many of the Ht points are spiritual points. The Heart (Emperor) empowers us so we can recognize our true potential. It helps us to initiate action, which is congruent with our true self. It has an influencing effect on all the other officials. Following the heart helps us to flow from our intuition. Often the heart channel may need to be balanced when we are disconnected from our true self or from our true path, when we have lost the flow of intuition.

The Body Guard of Small intestine is all about transformation. It empowers transformation to take place on all levels and in all aspects of life. If we need to transform physically, psychologically or spiritually the official of the small intestine will be involved. Being the Yang aspect of the heart it helps to communicate the heart message to the world and is heavily involved in listening and intuition. When an individual needs to transform (change) any aspect of their life or express the heart desire with the world the Small Intestine official will be involved. It will assist indifferent forms of communication especially listening.

The nine points of the Pericardium correspond with the nine points of the heart. The key role of the heart protector is to protect the heart. It plays an important role in discernment, using both internal and external cues to work out if our heart is safe. The heart protector plays a key role in intimacy allowing a loving embrace of another, influences circulation and involved in sexuality. The channel may show when safety is a concern especially if the safety of our heart is at risk. May show due to sexuality or intimacy issues or when there are blood circulation problems.

The San Jiao official plays an important role in maintaining homeostasis by promoting communication with all aspects of the being. It promotes communication with our environment and plays a role in regulating social relationships. This channel may show when there are homeostatic concerns on any level or if the individual has difficulties with interacting with his/her environment. Social connections and intimacy will also be strongly related to this official. As it also plays a role in the defensive functions of our defensive Qi health concerns may also be a reason for this official to show.

Like a great river the bladder channel and its 5 element partner kidney meet with the Ming men to fuel the furnace of evolutions and therefore are involved with health and vitality. Bl-1-Bl-10 combines with the heavenly yang and helps us with understanding our reality. Bl-11-35 is related to the psychological reserves of Qi of all the other officials. Bl36-49 regulates the spiritual reserves of all the other officials as its associate to the manifestation of virtue in life. Bladder official is involved with regulating the Zhi, which represents the mental aspect of our will.This channel is heavily involved both on a psychological level and spiritual level with all other officials it may show when we need to access our reserves as it regulates them for every official. When Health and vitality are a concern often Bladder or Kidney may show.

One of the main functions of the Kidney official is to empower conception, help with the birth and development of one's being. It empowers us to flow through life with purpose turning fear into wisdom. Related to our constitutional Qi and traveling through the 3 Jiao's it plays a key role in vitality. The kidney channel may show for many reasons any difficulties with conceiving; development delays fatigue or dominating fear patterns may be related to kidneys.

The Gall Bladder official plays a key role in empowering discernment and perspective, so we can see both sides of the story. It also helps to direct the growth of the Liver's official plan. Psychologically when people tend to have a limited view or can only see one side of the story the gall bladder official can be beneficial, it helps us to have external vision and have a better perspective. It will also assist us with decision­ making.

The Liver official plays an important role in free flow of Qi, that is why when the Liver is not functioning we often see stagnation, which is followed by pain. The Liver official helps us with planning, striving, growing, it generates creativity to direct our growth. It empowers the virtue of Benevolence and helps us with good level of self-esteem. Often this official needs to be lanced when people feel stuck in their lives, when they have lost the determination to strive to plan or to even grow. Frustration, anger, stagnation are all part of the liver official not functioning.

The Lung official receives purity and allows us to connect to our essence. It is closely connected to the feelings of self worth and inspiration. It regulates the breath thatrepresents life.

The Large intestine official is responsible for empowering us to let go of the mundane aspects of our life while retaining our essence our goals. It empowers self worth and lets us let go of the impurities of our selfs. When we need to let go, especially of the mundane the Large intestine will often be involved. It helps us to recognize our own self-worthwhile creating a clear inner space.

The official of the stomach role is to nourish us in the process of life. It is responsible for digestion and assimilation; this is not only of food but also of thoughts. Interestingly the stomach and kidney channels long parallel to each other on the torso this is so the acquired qi gathered by stomach can compliment the innate qi of the kidneys. The stomach official integrates life experiences. Stomach along with the spleen plays a key role in digestion and assimilation of not only food but also thoughts.

The official of the Spleen role is to nourish the whole body, it empowers our blood through he acquired essence. It is responsible for the transformation and distribution of nourishment. Spleen is responsible for digestive Qi. It strengths our heart and our spiritual centers. When spleen shows official is out of balance it will often to do with concepts of nourishment and transformation. The individual often may have digestive issues or energy issues, as this official does not nourish the body.