Pericardium Pc

Pericardium Pc

Ba Gua
Primary Function

Pericardium is an important channel for memory and brain function. Working on Pc can help mend a broken heart

Areas / Symptoms
Diaphragm heart
Brief Psychology
Intimate RelationshipsOpening or Closing off the heartintimacyBetrayalHeartbreakIntimacy
Primary functions
protect the heart traditionally seen as the primary channel for treating the heart treats disorders of the spirit treats disorders of the chest lateral costal region and arm pit treats febrile diseases

Begins in centre of chest, connects with the pericardium, descends through the diaphragm to the abdomen, passing through the upper, middle and lower parts of the body. One branch runs from inside the chest to emerge in the costal region near Pc1, arches over the armpit down the middle part of the arm to the middle finger. Another branch arises from palm at Pc8 and follows the middle finger aspect of the ring finger to its tip.

Zangfu Connections
6 Channel Partner
Divergent Channel

Separates from the primary channel on the arm below the level of the armpit, 3 bin inferior to GB22, enters the chest and communicates with the three parts of the body, and a branch ascends across the throat and emerges behind the ear to converge with the SJ channel.

Luo Connecting Channel

Begins at Pc6 and moves up the arm to the pericardium and heart

Sinew Channel

Originates at the tip of the middle finger and runs together with the lung sinew channel to bind at the medial side of the elbow, binds near the armpit and disperses over the anterior and posterior aspects of ribs

Channel Meeting points

None listed

Time of Day
7pm to 9pm
Negative Aspects
guarded vulnerable isolated alone unsafe betrayed hurt pained
Positive Aspects
intimacy openness warm protected

Cutaneous region


Key aspects

  • Protector of the heart
  • Heart, pericardium, diaphragm, anterior serratus
  • Memory, sleep, speech
  • Penetrates and harmonises all three jiao
  • Pc6 master nausea point
  • Fever (fire)
  • Also connects with liver channel (6 channel theory: jue yin channel), means pericardium points may be used for generalised stress and stagnation, particularly Pc6 and 7

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